Nokta Simplex+ Metal Detector is an Excellent Metal Detector

The Nokta Simplex Metal Detector is an Excellent Metal Detector

The Nokta Simplex+ metal detector is not just for the beginner.  This metal detector is for the advanced operator, too.  Starting off or even upgrading to the Nokta Simplex metal detector will take a little time to learn all of its capabilities.  You will actually need to practice to become proficient with all of the different functions.  Having an advance metal detector and not knowing what-all it can do, doesn't make sense.  Why buy a high-performance sports car and let it sit in your garage?  I say... put the top down, put it in drive and give it a ride!  

If you are looking for an inexpensive metal detector that performs like a more expensive metal detector, I would highly recommend the Nokta Simplex Metal Detector for all levels of users.  Everyone, from the beginner to the expert, will find the Simplex+ an excellent metal detector.  Not only is the Simplex+ waterproof (fully submerible up to 10 feet of water), has advanced functions, and the firmware is upgradable, but it has something that not many buyers are aware of... it can find all types of metal.  One of the first questions I often get is, what types of metal can the Simplex+ metal detector be used to find?  The answer is simple... The Simplex metal detector can be used for finding all types of metals (silver, gold, copper, etc.) and performs outstanding compared to other detectors in the same or even higher price range.  

Until next time... Happy Hunting with the Nokta Simplex Metal Detector!  

John Kibble
Sports 365

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